Difference between Flonase and NasalCrom

Posted at 2:50 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
Because of the repeated advertisements about different medications on television, people have questions about how different medications are used for the same conditions. We often get such questions concerning Floase and NasalCrom, both used for treating sinus allergies. Both Flonase and NasalCrom help to reduce inflammation.
There are some differences in the way they reduce inflammation:
Flonase being a steroid possesses a much broader effect by acting on many agents that are involved in causing the inflammation.
Because they have a broader set of actions, they are considerably stronger than NasalCrom, which carries a narrower limited action in blocking just the set of chemicals belonging to the category of leukotrienes. Both effects and side effects are often smaller when you use NasalCrom.

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