Dangers of energy drinks

Posted at 4:16 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel MD, MBA, MS.
As a pediatrician, in practice for 40 years, it bothers me to read the reports about the deaths related to consumption of energy drinks by our teenagers and young adults.  A recent report from researchers in Sweden of 20 deaths (Howland, J. & Rohsenow, D.J., 2013) related to caffeine intoxication (a blood levels greater than 80 micrograms/mL) rings the alarm bell, as this level can be reached by consuming about 12 highly caffeinated drinks within a few hours. This is especially alarming as majority of college students have reported consuming energy drinks. The authors caution that mixing energy drinks with alcohol could be a deadly combination as it can impair judgment of your ability to take control of your own actions. The sad story is that many of these consumers are not aware of the hidden dangers of consuming large quantities of these toxic drinks at a very productive age in their lives.

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