Asthma and Vitamin D

Posted at 7:46 am on 05/12/2016 by Powlin Manuel MD, MBA, MS
Vitamin D and Asthma: Powlin Manuel MD, MBA, MS

May being declared as Asthma Awareness Month, we will continue to examine various aspects of asthma especially understand factors that could be useful in prevention of asthma attack.

Can Vitamin D be helpful in reducing the severity of asthma?

Vitamin D is involved in influencing functions of many cells in our body. Adequate levels, more than 20/ml is helpful to maintain and lower levels of Vitamin D (<12/ml) is found to be not good for asthma control. Vitamin D influences cell function by affecting gene expression, program that controls functions every cell in our body. Maternal intake of Vitamin D can result help in children having less incidence of wheezing during the first three years of life. Vitamin D is related to asthma activity according to some studies. Vitamin D intake has also helped to improve the beneficial effect of steroid treatment in asthma.


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