Asthma and Daycare Connection

Posted at 4:04 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
As specialists taking care of patients with asthma, we try to educate our patients about the factors that trigger asthma attacks.One of the most frequent triggers is exposure to allergies. In many children, less than one year of age cold virus triggers wheezing. The common viruses causing cold symptoms are rhinovirus and coronaviruses. Of this, rhinovirus seemed to induce wheezing in certain children with special genetic setup. Calskan M et al (2013) found that patients carrying a certain genetic setup (17q21 locus) when exposed to cold viruses have 26 fold increase in chance of developing wheezing. In the children at this age, allergy is not the most common cause of inducing wheezing, rather it is the rhinoviruses. That could be the reason for increased incidence of wheezing in children attending daycare centers.

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