ADHD, Aggressive Behavior, Defiance Disorder and Parents

Posted at 5:05 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel MD, MBA, MS.

Parent’s actions may contribute to children’s behavior

Seeing the ever-increasing incidence of behavior problems in children, such as ADD, defiance, and poor anger control, I have come to wonder whether some aspects of parenting is part of the problem. I will start with and example: a child while in the office, is climbing up and is about to fall from the examination table, running around and spilling water from the faucet; mother shows no concern and is busy with her cell-phone. This has become a frequent observation in our setting. Parents being very occupied with things other than parenting is a factor, the child never receiving a consistent model to follow, lacking a proper direction. After seeing children with ADHD for more than 35 years, the problem is getting worse. Single parents are always multitasking; this leaves very little time for parents to give enough attention they seek for. When the child feels a lack of concern, he or she may act out to get what the child wants, such as some personal time with the mother. That is not the only factor, it could be adding to other issues leading to undesirable behavior.

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