Abdominal Pain and Kidney Stones in Children

Posted at 8:03 am on 05/18/2015
One of the most common reasons why teenage children are brought to the office is abdominal pain. It is often difficult for parents as well as a pediatrician to decide whether the complaint is real (organic) or perceived (with no specific cause could be found)! Stress from school, whether due to academic challenges or social issues such as bullying, the complaint of visceral pain and absenteeism from school due to abdominal pain is common. At times, the reason for the pain could be the kidney stones. The following facts will help parents understand whether the pain is due to kidney stones: pains due to kidney stones are more likely if it runs in the family, and if there was a previous incidence of kidney stones. Kidney stones are more probable in girls. The most common type of kidney stone being due to calcium oxalate, drinking lemon juice daily can reduce the incidence of future formation of kidney stones according to some authorities.

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