9 Months Parenting Instructions

Parenting Tips for 9 Months of Age

Injury Prevention

  • Change to toddler safety seats when infant weighs 20 lbs, backseat facing forward
  • Strap child into shopping cart and high chairs
  • Water safety: never leave alone in bathtub
  • Mobility dangers: Toilet safety, falls, poisonings
  • Burn safety: Furnaces, hot liquids on tables, keep child away from kitchen when cooking
  • Poison proofing home: Cleaning products and medications should be kept up and under child proof locks
  • Keep poison control number close at hand
  • Shoes: Begin walking around furniture, protect from injury

What can the child be expected to do?

  • Can grasp small objects with fingers
  • Looks for fallen objects
  • Good muscle tone of arms and legs
  • Sits alone
  • Moves forward
  • Takes steps
  • Rises from sitting to standing position
  • Makes three different vowels
  • Understands spoken requests
  • Shows coordinated movements of arms and legs

Parenting Practices

  • Independence is emerging
  • Discipline: Begin use of word NO


  • Brush teeth in morning and evening, if any
  • Never put a bottle of milk or juice in bed at night
  • Appetite:Introduce the cup
  • Small frequent meals
  • Begins thumb forefinger grasp, grasps spoon but is unable to use it effectively
  • Feeds self crackers, enjoys new tastes
  • Watch for choking
  • Make sure immunizations are up to date

Problems at this age?

  • Fever - Motrin Infant Drops: 6-11 months: 1.25 ml every 6 hours