6 Months Parenting Instructions

Parenting Tips for 6 Months of Age

Injury Prevention

  • Car seat - facing backwards until 20lbs, make sure child is strapped securely
  • Dangers of mouthing - small objects, very oral at this stage
  • Childproofing environment - prevent choking and suffocation by properly disposing of plastic bags
  • Use gates - prevent falling down stairs
  • Watch for falls out of high chairs
  • Careful of burns from coffee and other hot foods


  • Never leave alone in bathtub
  • Bathe daily
  • Clean behind ears, creases
  • Immunizations - give Tempra every four hours
  • Exercise legs, give warm compresses to legs


  • Do not give baby a bottle of milk or juice in bed at night or naptime
  • Begin to introduce vegetables and fruits one at a time x several days - one week
  • Avoid sugar, sweets
  • Teething - Tylenol, Orajel, teething rings, rub gums

Parenting Practices

  • Speech stimulation - baby begins to babble, imitate the baby sounds
  • Parent/Child games - play pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo, drop block in a bucket

Development and Behavior

  • Practice sitting with minimal support
  • Rolls from to stomach
  • Transfers objects between hands
  • Stranger awareness - able to differentiate from caregivers, fearful of strangers
  • Uses thumb opposition to grasp
  • Bangs in play
  • Transfers objects from hand to hand
  • Looks for dropped items
  • Sits with slight support for 10 seconds
  • Good muscle tone when pulling to sitting position
  • Good muscle tone in arms
  • Good muscle tone in legs
  • One vowel sound
  • Coordinated movements of arms and legs
  • Imitates others