4 Years Parenting Instructions

Parenting for 4 Yyear Olds

Injury Prevention:

Always use the car seat-belt.
Supervise play activities.
Attention to safe toys needed.
Make sure that bike riding in done only in safe environments.
Establish home-safety rules.
Make sure that the child knows name address and telephone numbers.


Make sure that child takes a bath every day.
Brush teeth in AM and before bed.
Continue toilet training related issues.
Make sure that the last drink before bed is water.

Parenting Practices:

Encourage to participation in peer interactions.
Establish sleep schedules.
Do not have a television in the child's room.
Teach chores and responsibilities.
Encourage appropriate play time.
Limit the total screen time to 2 hours per day
Establish rules and limits.
Be consistent with rules and consequences.
Answer questions from the child honestly using your convictions.
Arrange exploratory trips.

Nutrition and Feeding:

Always set aside time for an one-family meal minimum.
Be careful about portion size.
Provide a well-balanced meal.
Try to prevent obesity by reducing drinks with high-sugar content.

Behavior problems at 4 years of age:

Temper tantrums