4 Months Parenting Instructions

Parenting Tips for 4 Months of Age

Injury Prevention

  • Do not leave alone on high places such as beds, sofas, or chairs
  • Avoid toys will small parts that can be swallowed
  • Avoid attaching or hanging crib toys, rattles, pacifiers to crib, etc. with elastic string which may entangle the baby
  • Mobility dangers - strap in carrier and car seat
  • Hygiene - never leave alone in the tub, bathe in lukewarm water


  • Begin cereal: 1 x 1 day increasing to 2 x 1 day
  • Use spoon to feed baby
  • May start fruit juices - avoid orange and tomato juice
  • Never give honey
  • Teething - Orajel, teething rings, Tylenol
  • Immunizations - Give Tempra every four hours for 24 hours, warm compress to legs, exercise legs

Development and Behavior

  • Milestones and development variability - every child is different (according to BINS)
  • Eyes follow ring
  • Reaches for suspended ring
  • Holds head erect and steady for a short period
  • Adjusts head to ventral suspension
  • Good muscle tone in arms and legs
  • Sits with slight support for 10 seconds
  • Vocalizes two different sounds
  • Plays with hands and fingers
  • Shows coordinated movements of extremities
  • Social behavior - smiles at others, laughs out loud
  • Sleep patterns - start to sleep all night

Parenting Practices

  • Demonstrate affection - hold and talk to baby, give hugs and kisses
  • Discipline - too young