Board of Directors

2016 Board of Directors

  • Herb Zabroski, President
  • Dan Sharp, Vice President
  • Bob Watson, Secretary
  • Ann Ivone, Treasurer
  • George Dantos, Director
  • 352-509-3026
  • 561-789-2002
  • 352-291-1512
  • 352-237-6259
  • 352-426-7443

The following information is provided to help residents know whom to contact on the Board for assistance with specific questions or to report a problem within our community.

Assessment fees, collections, property liens or estoppels - Information or responses on financial transactions concerning the HOA are handled by the Treasurer. Board contact for these issues is Ann Ivone - 352-237-6259.

Architectural Change Request (ACR) - Approval requirements for specific changes, additions or modifications to homeowner's property. Board contact for questions, assistance and forms submission is George Dantos - 352-426-7443.

The Architectural Change Request form is also available for download from the HOA web site by accessing the Information tab and then clicking on Documents.

Landscaping and Common Area Maintenance - Mowing, plantings and vegetation control on HOA common areas, as well as watering, lighting, drainage and gopher control issues on HOA property is handled by the Board. Board contact is Dan Sharp - 561-789-2002.

Covenant Compliance & Committee Oversight - Committee is comprised of volunteer home-owners performing property inspections and notifying owners of violations. Board contact for is-sues concerning HOA Covenant Compliance is Dan Sharp - 561-789-2002.

Majestic Oaks Website - Information and postings of HOA documents, Gazette, meeting minutes and financial reports. Board contact for information or assistance is Herb Zabroski - 352-509-3026.