About Us

LCG Kustoms is a growing shop in central Florida that specializes in the restoration and customization of vintage American automobiles. Everything is handled in the shop except the upholstery that is the only thing that is outsourced to a local custom upholstery business which in our opinion is one of the best in Florida. So, you have decided to have your car restored to factory, or perhaps you want to resto-mod your muscle car or even build that hot rod you always wanted when you were in high school. Well here at LCG Kustoms we pride ourselves on building your dreams.

The father and son team which is the driving force behind the shop have been building cars for decades ever since AJ was a little boy and his father AL has been working on cars for 60 years. Early in our history, we specialized in vintage British cars decades ago we shifted focus to American vehicles, although we have been known to build the occasional MG or Jaguar from time to time. We can work with almost any budget that is in the realms of reality. Let’s all admit it you are not getting a 1940 Ford coupe built from scratch for 10 grand.

We offer everything from blower motors to fuel injected Hemi motors. We have partnered with Big AL’s Toy Box for all our blower motors and they come with a 1-year warranty from the date the vehicle goes on the road. So please contact us for your needs and we will make your dreams come true.