1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Project Information

So one day out of the blue a man calls the shop with the following opening line. “ I have bought a Chevelle out of Florida on eBay and I live in Atlanta. I’m having the car delivered to you can you go through it and tell me what I have bought?” So let’s just start off by saying he thought he bought a restored 70 SS Chevelle big block car. What he bought was a butchered small block convertible Malibu. The car had nothing for an interior except a dash and nothing for a top, not even a frame. There was accident damage to the left rear and the frame was bent. The left quarter panel was 85 pounds of body filler trust us we chipped it all off and weighed it. So the frame was fixed and a strange Ford 9-inch unit was put in the rear and the front suspension was upgraded. The metal work was done, quarter panels upper cowl, and several old bad patches were fixed. The vehicle was blasted stripped to metal and then body work was done and a nice silver basecoat was laid down. Due to budget constraints and some personal problems on the owners side the car was simple reassembled as a roller and returned to our knowledge he has since sold it. The lesson learned here don’t ever buy a vehicle sight unseen EVER! Here at LCG Kustoms we are happy to help you track down any vehicle in any state of repair that you would like.