1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Project Information

All cars have stories some great, some unbelievable, and some heartbreaking. Heartbreaking wouldn’t come close to describing the story behind this goat. The owner bought it new in 65 it was his first car he ever bought and had met his wife in this car. Fast forward 40 plus years and they were still married but the old GTO needed a lot of work. So they decided to have the car restored to factory condition, unfortunately, LCG kustoms was not the vehicles first stop they took it to a shop in the central Florida are that has since gone out of business. They cut the car up and flattened the firewall on an original AC car. Then they messed up installing floors and used aluminum siding and rivets to fix the wheel wells and quarter panels. The pain didn’t stop there when the owner of the car was told to come get his vehicle it was in pieces and those pieces were mixed into an 8-foot tall pile in the middle of the shop with all the other vehicles parts so a lot went missing.

So now a couple had spent nearly 50 grand and had been ripped off and most of the car was missing. How could I say no to them we took the car in replaced floors all the way back, unfortunately, a stock AC firewall is rare really rare so the flattened firewall was redone this time the right way and an aftermarket AC system was installed. New wheel tubs and new quarter panels were installed all the missing parts were tracked down thanks to the internet and either OEM stuff was restored or new parts installed. Every nut and bolt were gone through and the vehicle was returned like it had just come off the showroom floor. Thanks to the owners I was sent some photos for this website many happy times will be had in this gem of a car.