1964 Ford Falcon Gasser

Project Information

So two 1964 Ford Falcons on ebay for $600 piqued our interest so a trip to the ATM and a couple hours’ drive south and two cars wind up back at the shop. So what do you do when you have two shells of cars sell one off and make 300 bucks. Lol. So we have a shell of 64 Falcon this is where some of going a little off the deep end. GASSER BABY!!!!!! 12 point cage, baby moon tank out front, parachute out back, fender well headers, tunnel ram intake, and lettered up in tribute to Drake Viscones Vindicator Falcon from the 60s. We contacted Drake and he was honored that we did a tribute car. Now upon close inspection, we purposefully left flaws in the bodywork to give it that beat on drag car look. Ford Wimbledon White was painted on the car and she does bogie also you get looked at a lot when you ride down the road in a bad ass Falcon Gasser.