1932 Ford High Boy

Project Information

This 1932 Ford was built in 90 days. It was completely brand new when it was done. It is powered by a Chevy 355 and a turbo 350 behind it. The rear end is a Ford and this car would get down. Cobalt candy blue paint was as deep as the ocean and everything was painted to match. Leather interior with blue piping and room for your golf clubs in the trunk. The trunk was power so no opening it by yourself just flip a switch and the hidden audio system works off of radio waves so all the components can be hidden behind panels. Dolphin gauges and a beautiful steering wheel top off the interior. Super Bell dropped front axle and disc brakes up front and discs in the rear. The steel rims with glamor rings and baby moons give it that period look. Side pipes give the car a growl at idle and purr when driving down the road. There is a long list of things that went into this car but it was built on spec. If you would like us to build you one just call and the nice thing is this car comes with a 1-year warranty.