Red Nose Pitbulls

The Red Nose American pitbull dog for sale you will find at Iron King Kennels has been specially bred for its wonderful coloring. Red Nose pitbulls are gorgeous dogs, from their beautiful eyes, to the incredibly lovely color of their coat.

Some Red Nose pitbull breeders specialize in Reds. We do both Blue and Red, but we consider blue our specialty.

The red-nosed pit bull is often compared to the blue-nosed pit bull, but there are some basic differences between the two beyond nose color. The red-nosed bully pitbull is an Irish dog that was born of extremely close inbreeding of a family of pit bulls from Ireland. It came to America over time with owners who probably kept them as pets. That line faded over time, which is why Red Nose pitbulls are so rare today. It has become difficult to breed a Red Nose pitbull that has the qualities breeders look for, but we have a full line that was bred at Iron King Kennels.