Puppies for Sale

Pitbull Puppies for Sale

The first step when buying a pup from us is to check out either of the breeding pages or the “pitbull puppies for sale” page. If you see a pup or breeding you like, please contact us via phone call, email or text and we can give you more information. After talking with us we can accept payment through PayPal, money order via our P.O. Box. Once payment is received we will keep you updated with pictures and or videos of your pitbull puppy up until it’s time to be sent to its new home.

Here you will see some of the world’s best pitbulls and some of the best Blue Nose pitbull puppies for sale! You will notice when looking at our site that the quality of our dogs and our puppies are way above almost any pitbull breeder that you can find, that is because we have taken an extreme amount of time making sure that every breeding that we do will be ground breaking!

We have gone all over the world and used all the best studs to start creating our own bloodline - we have used studs from every top kennel and combined them here to create the next generation of Superstars! My wife and I, being one of the few full time breeders, are able to be more hands-on with our pitbull puppies than any other breeder , this also allows us to spend time with every customer like they were our only client. Every single one of our Puppies is treated like one of the family, and every litter is inside of our house with our family which helps the bonding process immediately.

Every single one of our Pitbulls come from the best bloodlines in the world and by breeding those dogs with the best studs in the world we have ensured that we can give something to our customers that no other Pitbull Breeder can. Not only will you get one of the best looking XL pitbulls money can buy, but because My wife and I are hands on with our dogs it 100% reflects on the temperaments and personalities later in life. WE DO NOT SELL OUR PITBULL PUPPIES BEFORE TEN WEEKS ! It doesn't matter if someone offers us more money or says they will buy a Puppy elsewhere, we do this because dogs grow very rapidly in first few months and two weeks is almost like two months for a puppy mentally.

We have spared no expense when it comes to our dogs, we use the best studs from all over the world , have their frozen semen shipped in and we only do surgical A.I which is almost 100% effective when paired with proper progesterone testing. As you can tell we pride ourselves in being a Blue Bully Breeder, in being different than any other breeder and in being America’s Top Kennel and one of the best places to find Red Nose puppies for sale so give us a call and find out the difference!

Q: What does picking order, 1st pick, or 2nd pick mean?

A: Picking order means the order you get to pick your puppy. Say we have a litter of 10 puppies. 5 males and 5 females. If you want to be the first one to pick out of all the available males you would get "1st pick male". If you wanted "4th pick male", you would have to wait until the other three families have picked their puppy and then you would have your choice of the remaining male puppies.

*Pick selection are made when the puppies turn 10 weeks of age.*

Rukia and DoomsDay litter at 25 weeks 


Female - A

$500  photo IMG_87291-edited.jpg

Tonka and Savanah litter at 6 weeks


Male - A

$3,000  photo IMG_87291-edited.jpg

Male - B

$2,500   photo IMG_87291-edited.jpg