Pitbull Breeding

Pitbull breeding is a passion and a science that requires dedication and focus to the breed. It’s a passion practiced by people throughout history for centuries, and it requires total devotion to a particular breed. It’s the purest form of bond between dog and human, offering both excitement and a substantial challenge.

We began ten years ago by learning everything we could about the American Pitbull terrier. We learned the standards of pitbull breeds, and we developed relationships with top kennels in the United States by visiting dog shows around the country.  Although we specialize in Blue Nose pitbull puppies, we’ve been able to sire the rare Champagne tri color and Red Nose pitbulls through the relationships we’ve built with our partners and friends.

There are three characteristics we look for in our blue pitbull puppies, aside from color:

Strength: our puppies come from muscular parents who were bred for their large chests and heads. We look for puppies that exhibit this strength early on, usually with larger frames or by being tall.

Confidence: Pitbulls are confident dogs who remains very loyal to their owners. They are cuddly and kind, but they reserve that side of themselves for their owner. Treat your pitbull with kindness, expose them to the natural world and he or she will become a fixture of your family. We raise our pups around children and other animals, which helps to curb some of their territorial nature and leaves them with a soft temperament. Remember, “bully pitbulls” are just named that way. The dogs are sweet and protective of their families.

Passion for Life: Pitbull breeders who do their jobs well care about the temperament of their dogs. Pitbulls are naturally energetic, so it’s important for them to have plenty of space to play and explore. They work out their energy by being active, so they are great with kids who love to run and play.

We only offer dogs that fit these qualities, and we have been breeding our puppies for more than ten years to accomplish this.