Pitbull Breeding

Pitbull breeding is a passion and a science that requires dedication and focus to the breed. It has been practiced by people throughout history for centuries, and it requires total devotion to a particular breed. It’s the purest form of bond between dog and human, offering both excitement and a substantial challenge.

We began ten years ago by learning everything we could about the American Pitbull terrier. We learned the standards of the pitbull breed, and we developed relationships with top kennels in the United States by visiting dog shows around the country.  Although we specialize in Blue Nose pitbull puppies, we’ve produced  Champagne tri color and Red Nose pitbulls as well as pretty much every other color through the relationships we’ve built with our partners and friends.

There are three characteristics we look for in our blue pitbull puppies, aside from color:

Structure: The dog must have that classic pitbull look and have that muscular look pitbulls are known for , our puppies come from muscular parents who were bred for their large chests and heads. We look for puppies that exhibit this strength early on.

Confidence: Pitbulls are confident dogs who remains very loyal to their owners. They are cuddly and kind, but they reserve that side of themselves for their owner. One of the most important things a pitbull must be is confident but remember to also treat your pitbull with kindness, expose them to the natural world and he or she will become a fixture of your family. We raise our pups around children and other animals, which helps to curb some of their territorial nature and leaves them with a soft temperament. Remember, “bully pitbulls” are just named that way. The dogs are sweet and protective of their families. Pitbull breeders who do their jobs well care about the temperament of their dogs. Pitbulls are naturally energetic, so it’s important for them to have plenty of space to play and explore. They work out their energy by being active, so they are great with kids who love to run and play.

Health: All of our adult dogs are health tested to make sure they are fit to be bred but even with all the tests sometimes nature can throw you a curve ball. Thats why we keep close eye on all our puppies and they receive multiple checks by a vet and a vet health certificate before they are shipped to their new homes to ensure the health of your new dog.

We only offer dogs that fit these qualities, and we have been breeding our puppies for more than ten years to accomplish this.

We are extremely proud to own and breed such beautiful and wonderful animals. Pitbulls have a long history that goes back to at least the 1800's in Europe and eventually made their way over here from immigrants. They immediately became a hit here in the United States and we used to protect the home and property of many Americans. They were so good with children that they became known as the nanny dog and were even stars in shows like little rascals. In 1898 the UKC or United Kennel Club was formed and recognized the American Pitbull Terrier and eventually the AKC recognized them in their registry as well but under the name American Staffordshire terrier. Many famous Americans in history have owned pitbulls including Fred Astaire , John Steinbeck , Helen Keller , Mark Twain , Thomas Edison and Theodore Roosevelt. Many modern celebrities own them as well including Betty White , Channing Tatum , Miranda Lambert , Liam Hemsworth , Norman Reedus , Kevin Bacon , Jon Stewart , Jessica Biel , Jessica Alba , Tom Brady Jamie Foxx and many many more. Pitbulls were originally bred to be farm dogs and all around working dogs but were and sometimes still are misused as fighting dogs. Today many places in America pass unethical and lazy BSL or breed specific legislation to ban these beautiful dogs from communities but luckily many places are doing more research and educating themselves and making more rational laws and BSL is slowing becoming a thing of the past even though its still a long road till it doesn't exist. In today society they are used as police dogs , family dogs , therapy dogs and many other things. Pitbulls are truly more of utily breed than any other and can take any job you train them to do just because of the sheer loyalty and love of thier owner. They also can be very different depending on the background or bloodline of the dog. Even if you look back many years at bloodlines like Colby and Jeep were very different looking and had different breeds in them and the same goes for today which is why you can look in many places and find pitbulls that have different looks and sizes. The bloodline can also determine what the dog was bred to do as a job. There are lines like Chevy and Eli that are bred big and strong for weight pulling. You have dogs from alot of the old school blood like Jeep , Colby which are used in hunting and you have Greyline , Royal Bloodline , Iron Cross , Gotti , Razors Edge , Remy , Camelot and many others that are family and or show dogs. They are truly the all around perfect dog and hopefully one day will no longer be discriminated agaisnt.