Male Pitbulls

If you are looking for some of the biggest male pitbull dogs for sale, then you have arrived at the right place! Here at Iron King Kennels we take great pride in our breeding process and the great care we give our pitbulls to ensure that our customers will receive the best puppies money can buy. Just take a look through our adult male gallery to see for yourself the type of high quality pitbulls we breed. People ask us all the time if we feed a special type of dog food or if we give supplements and is that why our dogs look so good? The truth there is no amount of good dog food or any type of supplementation that can beat good genetics. Yes we feed our dogs the best dog food possible but they look this good because of the years we spent bringing the best bloodlines from around the world together to produce the best pitbull possible! We also have 5 acres for these wonderful animals to run around on and it truly makes them the best dog possible when they receive proper diet and exercise and its very obvious they are happier. Some of our studs are open to use by the public for a fee , if you are interested please contact us via email , phone call or text. We have had kennels from all over the earth use our studs and it helped put them on the map and provided the best foundation possible for their bloodline

Iron King Kennels is a full-time pitbull breeder based out of Florida.


Head Size: 24 inches Weight: 103 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Champagne Lines: Royal blood line, Guerra, Dela Cruz

One of the best producing Blue pitbull Males out! This boy out produces himself and the dam in every litter! Jethro is really the complete package, temperament, size, beauty and he is one hell of a producer! Jethro will continue producing beautiful monsters for years to come! This boy’s offspring have put kennels on the map! Jethro has puppies in nearly every continent!


Head Size: 23 inches Weight: 88 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Fawn Tri-color Lines: Iron Cross, Greyline, Razors Edge

Odin is open to be placed in a pet home for free. Please contact us if your interested.

"Odin" came to us from our friend Weston at Lions Gate Kennels. He is out of Iron Cross's Osiris and Lions Gate's Lexi. With Osiris's bone and chest mixed with Lexi's beauty he is known throughout the XXL pitbull community as the XL supermodel! Odin is a super rare shade of Tri-color and we can’t wait to see the beauties he produces! He has already thrown some of the thickest puppies I have ever seen and he produced a champagne tri-color!


Head Size: 25 inches Weight: 104 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Chocolate Lines: 50% Camelot, Dungeon 5150, Royal Bloodline

This boy is a straight up FREAK! Produced here out of out "Jethro" x "Diva" breeding. "Tonka" is the best looking Red Nosed Pitbull I have ever laid my eyes on! He has it all size, looks, chest, bone what more could you ask for! We will be breeding him to our sexy female Aphrodite soon so keep your eyes on this bully pitbull!


Head Size: 23 inches Weight: 94 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Lines: Royal Bloodline, Iron Cross, Greyline, Butthead

This monster was produced right here. He is out of our Gypsy x Cain breeding. Colossus is already Cain’s tallest son by far! The chest and bone on this boy is CRAZY!! I couldn't be happier with the way Colossus has turned out, he has definitely become one of Cain’s most impressive males so far and I'm sure will produce his dads chest and bone when bred!


Head Size: 25 inches Weight: 124 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue and White Lines: Genghis Kahn, Royal Bloodline, Dagger, Greyline, Butthead, Dungeon 5150, Iron Cross

Produced right here from our Dungeon x Raven breeding . "Moose" will be 130+ pounds easy but with a 140 pound dad and a 90+ pound mom what else would you expect!! Not only is Moose huge but he has a very tight skinned , beautiful look that a lot of Blue pitbulls his size don't have!


Head Size: 23 inches Weight: 86 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Lines: Camelot, Greyline, Iron Cross

OMG!! That's right! Cupid is the super rare Champagne Tri-color! Cupid is off of our Odin x Aphrodite breeding and carries the tri gene on both sides of his pedigree! His color is the only thing that stands out on this boy, either he is a pitbull supermodel in every way. As you can see, he is going to be big and beautiful!! Keep your eyes on this boy!


Head Size: 26.5 inches Weight: 123 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Brindle Lines: Iron Cross, Greyline, GK, Gotti

This badass boy is from our "Gypsy" x Big Gemini Kennels "The Rock". This boy is tall, long, has huge bones and an enormous head! One of the best looking dogs on my yard, and one of the best behaved. Doomsday is one of my favorites! Be on the lookout for his offspring, coming from two of the best producing dogs in the XL pitbull world I'm sure Doomsday will produce monsters just like his parents!


Head Size: Growing Weight: Growing Reg: UKC Color: Blue and White Lines: Butthead, Royal Bloodline, Gk, Iron Cross, Greyline

This incredible boy is from our Doomsday x Blade breeding. He is thick , literally from head to toe!! I cant wait to see how this boy is going to turn out because he is still very young.


Head Size: 24 inches Weight: 101 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Fawn and White Lines: Genghis Khan, Royal Bloodline, Dagger, Geryline, Dungeon 5150, Iron Cross

Introducing our new up and coming stud Galactus! He is from our Dungeon Master and Gypsy breeding. This boy is a straight super model and a prime example of what we produce! He is the complete package and has it all in our opinion. He has some offspring already and I'm sure will be passing on his sexiness to his offspring!