Female Pitbulls

Are you searching for a beautiful XL female pitbull? At Iron King Kennels, we are full-time pitbull breeders with only the biggest, highest quality XL pitbulls. We take the time and effort to ensure that each of our puppies receives the love and attention they deserve. Here you will find the gorgeous XL female pitbulls we current have at our kennel. If you are interested in purchasing one of our pitbull terrier puppies for sale please feel free to contact us.


Head Size: 24 inches Weight: 98 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Rev Blue BrindleLines: Watchdog, Ruffian, Greyline

The BEST female Iron Cross Kennels ever produced and Disciples best female he ever produced! She is the TRUE definition of a SHEMALE! Gypsy has huge shoulders, an incredible chest, and has the biggest head of any female Blue Nose pitbulls that I have ever seen! Ask anybody in the XL pitbull community who the best looking XXL female they have ever seen and 9 times out of 10 they will say Gypsy! Now becoming world famous with her offspring in many countries all over the world her grandma Q-Ball definitely passed down her torch to this girl and she will go down in history as one of the best-producing female XXL's ever!


Head Size: 23 inches Weight: 86 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Lines: Watchdog, Ruffian, Greyline

Raven is out of "Iron Tyson" x "Phoenix" This girl is SUPER WIDE! and THICK! Iron Tyson’s looks and chest definitely rubbed off on Raven, I am so impressed with this girl! If you like ripped up, wide XXL pitbulls this girl will blow your mind! Raven has already proven herself to be a producer of clean monsters, and is one of my best bitches! Just check out our monster Moose and his sister, Raven produced both of these beasts!


Head Size: 22 inches Weight: 89 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Lines: Watchdog, Ruffian, Greyline

This girl is out of "Disciple"x"Banshee". Not only is she HUGE and have a really nice chest but she has a ton of drive and is ripped like a bodybuilder. Halo has produced freaks in evry litter! This girl has totally exceeded my expectations and will be blowing more peoples minds in the future with her productions!

Diva R.I.P.

Head Size: 22 inches Weight: 81 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Red Lines: 100% Camelot

This badass girl came to us from our friend Weston at LionsGate kennels. Diva has one of the best temperments I've ever seen on a dog period , has an incredible chest , and is one of the best producing red dogs I've ever seen! We will miss this girl!


Head Size: 22 inches Weight: 86 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue Fawn Tri-Color Lines: 50% Camelot, Greyline, Watchdog

Just by looking at the picture you can tell why we named this girl "Aphrodite" she is beautiful! She is also very muscular, wide, and ripped up! I'd like to thank my friend Kenny from Next Level Pits and his uncle for this incredible female! This girl trully is a comination of beauty and the beast sooo thick and chesty but by far the most beautifull dog in our yard! Aphrodite is also a very rare shade of tri color that I have only seen in our male Odin when these to are bred the world wont be ready so the XL supermodels that come from that breeding!


Head Size: 22 inches Weight: 83 lbs Reg: UKC Color: BlueLines: Iron Cross, De Lacruz, Greyline, Royal Bloodline

Hera was produced here out of our "Raven" x "Jethro" breeding. She is super chesty , with a incredible body! Hera has one of the built best bodies on our yard! Keep your eye on this girl because she is going to be bred to a MONSTER!


Head Size: 21 inchesWeight: 82 lbs Reg: UKC Color: ChocolateLines: 50% Camelot , De Lacruz , Royal Bloodline

Also produced here out of our Jethro x Diva breeding. La'te is one big girl , she full of drive , super athletic , and incredible temperament! Shes the total package , but what else would you expect from our boy Jethro


Picture of karma pitbull femalePicture of karma pitbull female

Head Size: 22 inches Weight: 91 lbs Reg: UKC Color: BlueLines: Royal Bloodline, Watchdog, Greyline, Butthead

This beast is out of our MONSTER Gypsy from our Cain breeding . She is by far Cains biggest daughter and is one of Gypsy's best looking Daughters!!! Karma is going to be huge just like her mama when shes done filling out but with bigger bone and a more filled out chest!

Destiny R.I.P.

Picture of Destiny pitbull female

Head Size: Growing Weight: Growing Reg: UKC Color: Blue BrindleLines: Royal Bloodline, Greyline, GK

Destiny is Gypsy 2.0 and thats a big statement Gypsy is known throughout the breeding world as one of the biggest best looking XXL females ! Keep your eyes on this girl she was produced right here from our Rock x Gypsy breeding.

We already miss you baby you didnt even get to enjoy a full life!


Picture of Blade pitbull femalePicture of Blade pitbull female

Head Size: 24 inches Weight: 103 lbs Reg: UKC Color: White and BlueLines: Royal Bloodline , Butthead , Razers Edge

First off we would like Anthony Rumble Johnson from the UFC for this incredible female!! Blade is the definition of SHEMALE she is tall , chesty , has a huge head and has really thick bone! Not only that she is a total sweetheart and a cuddle bug! Be on the look out for this girl we have huge plans for her!


Picture of Lava pitbull femalePicture of Lava pitbull female

Head Size: 22 inches Weight: 92 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue and WhiteLines: Dungeon, Grey line, Superior

I want to thank my good friend at Triple cross kennels for this girl! I love the way Lava has turned out! She is off the Legendary Escalade and lil Freaky breeding which is in my opinion Escalades best breeding! Shes got the size and height of her dad and the structure and good looks of her mom. She is sure to produce her butt off having a pedigree like no other!


Picture of Tessa pitbull femalePicture of Tessa pitbull female

Head Size: 24 inches Weight: 100 lbs Reg: UKC Color: Blue and WhiteLines: GK, Grey line, Iron Cross, RBG

Tessa is from our breeding with our super freak Gypsy and Big Gemini Kennels The Rock. IMO she is Rocks best daughter and Gypsys as well. This girl is tall and has an incredible body!! We cant wait to see what she produces , Im sure with the pedigre she has she will be a super producer!!


Picture of Ebony pitbull femalePicture of Ebony pitbull female

Head Size: Growing Weight: Growing Reg: UKC Color: Black and WhiteLines: Camelot, Gurerra, Greyline, Iron Cross , Butthead

Ebony is of our breeding with Tonka and Aphrodite. She is by far exceeding our expectations!! She is so beautiful and so thick its crazy!! Ebony will be a big part of our program in either late 2013 or early 2014!


Picture of Venus pitbull femalePicture of Venus pitbull female

Head Size: Growing Weight: Growing Reg: UKC Color: Blue Fawn Tri colorLines: Camelot, Greyline ,Iron Cross, Butthead

Venus is off of our Odin x Aphrodite breeding and is every bit as beautiful as her mom! We approriatly named her after the goddess of beauty just like her mother. She is definitely of one of our most beautiful females and has just had her first breeding so we will see how beautiful her offspring will be!


Picture of SunFirepitbull female

Head Size: 24 inches Weight: 91 lbsReg: UKC Color: ChampagneLines: Ghangis Khan, Butthead, Greyline, Iron Cross, RBG

Introducing Sunfire! She is from our Moose and Karma breeding. She has the size and height of her sire and the beauty of her mother! Sunfire is so good looking its crazy! Even though shes big she still carries the true Pitbull look , which is one of our goals here. She is the 2nd generation of Iron King dogs and she will be an important piece of our bloodline.


Picture of Savanah pitbull female

Head Size: 22 inches Weight: 85 lbsReg: UKC Color: ChampagneLines:  Butthead, Greyline, Iron Cross, RBG

Sexy Savanah came to us from an old friend and she has become a very important part of our program and has produced some very impressive pups! The future is looking very bright fir this girl!