What do I need for my new puppy and tips on getting ready for your new pup.

Posted at 12:49 pm on 07/30/2017 by Iron King
Its very exciting looking for a new puppy , spending hours either looking at websites or driving to locations and finally deciding on one specific pup or breeding you like and making your choice. At the end of the day all our customers ask us what they need to do to get ready for their new puppy. 

A.    First you have to be prepared for accidents. Puppies can't hold their bladders like adults can and they don't know that they can't just potty anywhere they like. If you can't handle that then the dog life isn't for you because just like kids there will always be some sort of mess but you put up with it because you love them so much.

B.    Second puppies chew on things so the only way to make sure they don't chew on your nice furniture is to give many different options of toys and make sure you play with them a bunch in your house and outside.With pitbull puppies we recommend Kong Dog Toys  and  Nylabone Dog Toys. Both of these brands make dogs toys that are tough and last long and in our opinion are safe to leave with dogs when they are by them selves. 

C.    The next is a choice if you want to crate train your puppy or not. We suggest putting your puppy in a crate when ever they are left by them selves for example when you go to work or go to buy groceries or even to the store on the corner. They should never be left by themselves when they are puppies in our opinion because they are like young children and can get hurt or get into things that can kill them. When looking for a crate we recommend the large plastic type for the start , they are pretty tough and they provide a sense of security to them. You may leave some sort of bed or bedding if you plan on leaving the pup alone for a long period but make sure its something safe ,they make many types of chew proof dog beds.

D.    Next you will need to get a dog bowl , we recommend the raised type because its less strain of the dog and is better on their joints. I'm sure they will be messy so make sure to buy some sort of mat to contain the mess around the bowl. Make sure they have access to water at all times when they are out side of their crate but don't leave water in the crate because they will definitely make a mess and waste the water very quickly anyways.

E. Obviously they will need food when picking out a new puppy food make sure the first thing listed in recipes is a meat and the food does not contain corn,wheat ,soy, dairy ,eggs and make sure the meat sources come from meat and aren't by products of meat or meat meal .

F.   One of the last things to do is make sure the house is puppy proof. They can get into many things so just like a child you need to make sure the areas they will be in are completely safe. If you do all these things once you have your new pup you will already be ready to go and enjoy the experience of raising your new puppy. 

G.   Try and get your new pup to the vet with in 72 hours just to make sure the dog is completely healthy , it will have come with a health certificate if you bought the new puppy but it doesn't hurt to double check and make sure and not take any risks.

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