Using a spring pole with your pitbull

Posted at 9:25 am on 04/21/2017 by Iron King
Using a spring pole to exercise your pitbull is a very rewarding experience for the dog. It works almost every muscle in the dogs body but especially works all the muscles in the shoulders , jaw and neck! Its also a very fun activity for the the dog to let off some stress. The trick is getting your dog to actually use the spring pole because most dogs wont just run up for the first time and use it. They have to be trained to use it. There are many ways to introduce your pitbull or pitbull puppy to the spring pole but we have found that using a toy or activity that they already know works best. For example one of our dogs loves playing fetch and is obsessed with tennis balls. So after installing my spring pole i drilled a hole through a tennis ball and ran a rope through it and tied it to the spring pole. I showed my dog the ball and he went to grab it and started pulling. After time I raised the height of the ball to where he could not reach it so instead he would grab the rope of the spring pole to get as close to the tennis ball as he could and then i eventually removed the tennis ball. Using a command when exercising with the spring pole is recommended as well for example we say "Get It!" and they know its spring pole time. Another method of getting them to use the spring pole is playing tug of war with them with the rope you intend to use with your spring pole. Play tug of war with them every day for a week or two with the rope and then tie it to the spring pole and still hold on to it and eventually they will just use the spring pole . We usually start our pitbull puppies off young and it seems easier to get them to use the pole.

Whats needed
1. Springs
2. Hooks and or fasteners , links etc
3.Rope or tough tug toy

Heres some pictures

Either make one your self or you can buy them offline in many places. we have used spring poles for years here at Iron King Kennels and the dogs love them! Be careful using one when it is hot out! Your dog can over heat very easily!

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