The Top Misconceptions About the Pitbull Breed

Posted at 7:38 pm on 05/07/2017 by Iron King
Summary: The media tends to distort the image of pitbulls, which has led to many of them wandering the streets without an owner.

If you’re in the market for a new household pet, and aren’t familiar with the American pitbull terrier, chances are it’ll be the last breed that you pick out of the bunch. Why? Most people recognize pitbulls to be extremely aggressive on sight and can even kill people when provoked. However, most of this is based on their past history where they were trained to hurt and kill by thugs and gamblers – this is the type of pitbull breeding that was overlooked too often. This type of volatility isn’t what their natural state is. Rather, they are loyal, friendly, and goofy animals that love to play and have fun. 

Loyalties Lie With Their Owner

When you adopt a pitbull, know that you’re gaining a loyal friend that will be there for you through thick and thin. With many pitbull breeders exercising new ways to promote good behavior due to positive circumstantial conditions, it’s becoming easier to find blue nose pitbull puppies for sale that are raised away from violence and aggression. This also means that they won’t make the best guard dog due to the fact that they love people so much. However, don’t mistake them for being lackadaisical as they may intervene if someone were to threaten their owner.

Pitbulls Love Children

Yes, this isn’t a typo. Pitbulls are a people-oriented breed that thrive when part of a family. They are passionately affectionate and proudly display it to both adults and children. However, it should be noted that children should be taught how to appropriately interact with animals to avoid provoking it into acting irrationally.

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