How to build muscle on your pitbull

Posted at 7:27 pm on 05/07/2017 by Iron King

If your looking to build muscle for your pitbull than the only way is with exercise and proper nutrition!

There are tons of sports and activities that Pitbulls enjoy , just like humans dogs need exercise and they not only look better but the feel better as well when they get exercise. Dogs cannot lift weights or go to a gym so you must find different methods for them to find exercise.Exercise is not the only a healthy pitbull needs , it will need proper nutrition as well.

Here are some of the many ways you can build muscles in your pitbull.

1.Running or walking your dog


3.Weight vests


5.Fun workouts like Fetch

6.Dock jumping

7.Spring pole

8.Flirt Pole

9.Bite work with bite sleeve

10.Weight pulling

Your Pitbull will not build muscle with out proper nutrition! This is very important!


Please use common sense when performing any exercise with your pitbull. Just like humans their body can only take so much so start off slow and slowly work your way up with any muscle building exercise.

Fun workouts

Its much easier to get your dog to exercise when its having fun and enjoying its self.Fun workouts are a way to have fun and build muscle at the same time and usually involve games , for example:

1.Bike rides


3.Playing Tug with a rope

4.Spring Poles

5.Playing with other dogs

Make sure when playing tug of war that you don't use to much explosiveness when pulling. You can pull hard but slowly and don't pull the dog off the ground. Playing tug works the dogs shoulders and legs and its very easy to teach a dog to play this.

Playing fetch is probably the most common game and exercise people do with their pitbulls. You throw the ball and they bring it back , very simple. Most dogs loves this game and will play forever.

Going on bike is very efficient because both you and your dog can get exercise. Be very careful when going on bike rides or runs , check the temp because its very easy for a dog to over heat.Start with a mile and work your way up to more.

Jumping and spring poles are extremely good at building muscle in your pitbull. Start by jumping over small things like logs and rocks and then work your way up. Same thing with the spring pole , start very low and then increase height over time. Eventually you could have your dog jumping hurdles like pro show dogs.

Hydrotherapy for dogs

This is basically exercise in the water. This is very good for dogs who have joint problems because of the weightlessness in water. You can have your dog swim or use an underwater treadmill either work very good.Swimming will work your dogs cardio and give them better endurance while working every muscle in their body. Water treadmills are being used more nowadays because they work as good as normal treadmills but with out the impact and stress on joints.

Using a weight vest

These are very good at building muscle just be careful and dont let your dog run or jump to much with one on because it can hurt their joints.Go for walks and start with a low weight like 10 pounds and work your way up higher.

With everything mentioned we believe these are the top ten methods for muscle growth on a pitbull

Weight Pulling 
This is a really good way to build big muscle in dogs. Weight pulling is very good for all types of dogs including Pitbulls and all types of working type and mastiff dogs.

Using a Treadmill
This can be one of the harder things to teach a dog but once they get used to it they will love it! Its very good for making a pitbull super ripped!

Dog Weight Vest
Do not use a weight vest until a dog is done growing because you can cause permanent damage to their joints! Once a dog is matured this is a very good muscle building exercise!

Playing fun games like fetch
This is the most popular and most fun exercise! Play about 30-45 mins and your dog will get a good amount of exercise.

Dog Dock Diving
This has become very popular is is even a sport now! Dogs love this if they love swimming! This is fun to do with your pitbull in the summer time!

Using a Spring Pole

Make sure you install this on a steady surface because they will pull it down otherwise. This is a very good method for getting some energy out of your dog and will tire them out quick! Find a good pole and mount guide and then have fun!

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