How to build a whelping box for your pitbull

Posted at 7:29 pm on 05/07/2017 by Iron King

There are many things you must take into consideration when building a whelping pen. Here are just a few

  1. The size of the dog that will be in the pen.
  2. The type of dog that will be in the pen.
  3. The budget.
  4. If you would like the dog to be able to get in and out any time they like.

This article is for 75-120 pound pitbulls and their puppies , budget of $300 and the pen will made so that you have to let the dog in and out via a bolt locked door. The pen will be 4ft wide by four 4ft wide and 4ft tall. You can make it bigger , smaller , taller or shorter for your own needs.

  • 2x4's for frame of the whelping pen
  • Plywood for the walls of the pen , Use your opinion what quality and thickness of the plywood but we use the most expensive one that Lowes has which is like $30 a sheet.
  • Hardware for door , walls and floor. This includes screws , bolt locks , L brackets etc
  • Flooring and something to glue it down.
  • Something to protect the edges of the flooring , best option we have found is metal carpet transition type trim.
  • Silicone for corners and edges.

First we do the frame from 2x4's and build a 4ft by 4ft frame

Next we cut and fasten the plywood down with deck screws , which makes it very sturdy.

After the frame and floor are done the next steps are putting the walls up.

Here's a closer view at the L bracket. We use these because it makes the structure very sturdy and with us having pitbulls we definitely need sturdy.

Fasten the walls with the side of the frame with the wall flush on the ground.

Repeat those steps until three walls are up.

Next you need to cut a door out of the plywood that fits your need depending on size and breed.

Use what ever hardware you like to make sure door locks and or has hinges.

Now that the structure is built you need to cover it in what ever flooring you choose and if you use linoleum make sure the edges are protected. Also you can decide to use a pig rail like we do in our pen. To build the pig rail you use 2x4's as the frame with 1x1's as legs and find the PVC tube in the plumbing section of your hardware store that fits pretty snug on the 2x4. Once done put a two screws on each side threw the PVC tube to secure it to the frame so it cant move. We like to have about 6 inches of space under our pig rails. Take into consideration the height of the pig rail when cutting the door hole.

Hopefully this helps you or at least gives you some good ideas . I've been breeding pitbulls for about 12 years and this is what I think works best but I like to believe that all good ideas are constantly evolving so feel free to share this article and if you have any better ideas please post them on our social media pages.

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