How to Accurately Keep Track of Your Dog’s Medical History For the Breeding Process

Posted at 7:52 pm on 05/07/2017 by Iron King
Summary: During breeding, one must be cautious of previous medical conditions.

Selecting the right mate for your dog sounds like a relatively easy thing to do when it comes to the breeding process. However, the mate that you choose should possess characteristics and qualities that you want to see passed on in the puppies. This is where the breeding process becomes reliant on good judgment calls. Both the male and female should be healthy and have no previous genetic faults. This obviously jeopardizes the health and qualities of the puppies that you are preparing to breed. Keep a record on both the female and the male to increase the success of the entire breeding process. In the meantime, you should emphasize excellent health throughout the whole ordeal.

Try and keep a history folder on the female dog and record important dates like behavioral changes or medical issues that arise. This is an integral part of the breeding process because proper documentation is necessary when it comes to working with a veterinarian. He or she is a valuable resource that plays a major role during pregnancy, after labor, and throughout the early stages of the pup’s life

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