How long are dogs pregnant and what do I need to know?

Posted at 11:45 am on 07/24/2017 by Iron King

Dogs are pregnant on average about 9 weeks or 58-68 days. Some dogs can have them a week early but its not healthy typically for them to have them any younger than that. Sometimes they may have them a little late as well so don't freak out if a few days have passed since she was 9 weeks pregnant. Keep a close eye on the dam for any signs of distress like panting or restlessness. When your dog gets about 8 weeks pregnant you should start taking her temperature. A dogs normal temp is about 102-102.5 , when your dams temp drops below 100 degrees it means she will be having the pups in a day or less. Once labor begins keep a close eye on the soon to be new mommy. When she has each pup make sure she properly tears each puppies placenta and starts licking each new pup. If you like once she has torn open the placenta or if you have done it your self you can check the puppy to see if its healthy and its airways are clear. Some times you may need to use a bulb syringe to clear the air way. Make sure all the bedding stays clean and dry , new born pups can die from chill very quickly , we like to keep our whelping room at about 75 degrees. Typically she will have a new pup about every 20 minutes but as they get tired sometimes it can go up to 2 hours in between. If you know she has more pups in her and its been more than two hours it might be time to rush her to a vet or at least call a vet if you don't know what to do. After she has had all her pups we like too walk her outside and get some water and change all the bedding so its nice and fresh. The dam will be very tired so for the first few hours check on the pups about every half hour to make sure they are feeding because the first 24 hours are the most important and things can go wrong very quickly. After that nature should take its course and she will begin to take care of her pups and you can enjoy the new lives you helped bring in this world.

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