How Exaggerated Pitbull Stereotypes Are Changing the Market

Posted at 7:31 pm on 05/07/2017 by Iron King

Summary: Breeders often exaggerate the worth of a red nose pitbull to help their business.

If you are an avid pitbull enthusiast, you’re likely to know about the red nose pitbull. Now, reports have shown that the red nose pitbull is one of the most popular pitbull “types” that dog owners look for in this day and age. There is often confusion however, when it comes to differentiating the red nose pitbull from a “normal” pitbull.

Are They a Different Breed?

No. The term “red nose” was developed by backyard breeders and can be somewhat considered as a slang term for these types of pit bulls. They aren’t a different breed of dog or a luxurious one-of-a-kind pitbull that is worth their money in gold as much red nose pitbull breeders would like you to believe. 

The common misconception has changed the breeding industry substantially in that you’ll find a sharp increase on red nose puppies for sale. Several breeders like to sell the notion that red nose pitbulls are of a different breed and particularly rare. However, it’s been noted that any pitbull with a red coat ranging from burgundy to light red is considered to be a “red nose pitbull”, therefore increasing the range at which breeders can sell these dogs. The inflated prices and strained descriptions that breeders are giving these dogs continue to misconstrue the notion that these are just ordinary dogs with a slight color tinge on them. While they may look intriguing, they aren’t a luxury item and shouldn’t be sold as one.

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