Health Benefits of giving CoConut Oil to dogs.

Posted at 10:37 am on 07/02/2017 by Iron King
Coconut oil has tons of uses.It can be used as for many antiviral , antifungal and antibacterial purposes. Coconut oil  has many health benefits for your dog. It is best pair with some sort of Omega-3 supplement. 


Coconut oil is good for humans and for dogs. It is made up of more than    90% saturated fats. It is made up of mainly Medium Chain Triglycerides , these fatty acids balance the thyroid, making it easier for overweight dogs to lose weight and giving lethargic dogs energy.
It also has many other uses for problems with

  A. eczema and skin allergies.
  B. Can protect against mites, fleas and ticks.
  C. Heals dry elbow and other body calluses and dry pads.
  D. You can put it on cuts ,wounds and hotspots to help with the healing.
  E. Use it on your dogs coat to make it sleek and glossy.
  F. Helps doggy Odor. 
  G. Use it to prevent and or treat fungal and yeast infections, like candida and yeast infections of the ear.
2. Digestion
  A. It improves nutrient absorption.
  B. Maintains and improves all around digestion.
  C. It can lessen or completely remove bad dog breath. 
  D. Can remove and or kill parasites
  E. Greatly helps dogs with Irritable Bowl Syndrome also helps with Colitus.
                                      Heres a link to a video on adding CoConut oil to your dogs diet

3. Other body Systems
  A. It can help regulate typical thyroid function which will help with weight.
  B. It may reduce the risk of cancer.
  C. Will balance insulin and can help control diabetes. 
  D. Reduces inflammation which helps with arthritis.

Now you will notice when shopping for Coconut oil that there are many types and it gets confusing as to what type you should get for your dog. You want to buy Vigin or Extra Virgin Coconut oil , they have different names but they are both the same. When starting your dog on Coconut Oil you want to start slow and in small amounts or it could upset your dogs stomach. If you have a small dog or even a puppy you want to start them on about a quarter of a teaspoon once a day. You will slowly transition to 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds or more for bigger dogs.

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