Getting a new pitbull puppy

Posted at 7:25 pm on 05/07/2017 by Iron King
Getting a new pitbull puppy or any new dog is exciting but also stressful. Make sure you properly plan and you can make sure its more fun than stressful!

Prior to getting new dog

1.Get together with your family and discuss everything. Someone will have to be primary care giver or split up chores evenly.Discuss where the dog will sleep or are there any places that will be off limits to the new dog.

2. Get everything you need prior to getting pitbull puppy. Examples of things needed may be

A. Dog food and Dog food bowls
B. Dog bed for dog to sleep or some sort of dog crate
C. Lots of toys , we mostly suggest Kong products and Nylabone because they are safer to digest if eaten.
D. Leash and or collar 
E. Cleaning products
F. Dog gate if needed

3. Get your Home ready

This will be the hard part. Setting up dog gates , putting dog bowls , setting up crates and putting down a dog bed.

If you need to make any area off limits now is the time to do so. You want to make sure that anything not safe for the pitbull puppy or new dog is put away or made so its unable to be reached.Also puppy proof anything now!

4.If you work a lot you may need to hire a dog walker or dog baby sitter. Make sure you do a lot of research before picking the perfect person. Also make sure they meet your dog first.

5.Its always best to send your pitbull puppy to some obedience school. This training will make it easier for you to communicate with your dog and train them as well.These classes also help with your dog being around new dogs and new humans as well.Do a lot of research because dog training is not regulated and in a grey area. Any one can say they are a trainer so check them out thoroughly.

6. Make plans for the trip home with your new puppy.Make sure the puppy sits on your lap or you sit next to the puppy.Going to a new home is stressful and this will help them feel comfortable. Bring towels and or a blankets.

After you get home don't get to excited and be calm. Don't be loud or overwhelming.Show your dog its new home. Walk around the house and show the puppy everywhere it is allowed to go. Show the dog its new crate and new bed. After a week or so start the training. Its best to let the dog settle before training. From the beginning set up the routine that you want your dog on and stick to it! At first it may not go the way you planed but stick to it and your new dog will learn!

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