Blue Nose Pitbull Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

Posted at 7:34 pm on 05/07/2017 by Iron King
Summary: The term “blue lust” was coined years ago due to the profitability of blue nose pitbulls.

Blue nose pitbull puppies are often misrepresented in the current market due to irresponsible breeders that are looking to profit by spreading false information. Before you invest in their scam, note that blue nose pitbulls aren’t a different breed of pitbull. They just so happen to have a blue tinge to their coat, which may be accompanied by a blue nose. Aside from that, they’re just an ordinary pitbull that’s no different than any other pitbull. 

How to Point Out a “True” Blue Nose Pitbull

One thing that you should consider is that some breeders are overeager when it comes to making money. In many cases, they’ll take an American Staffordshire Terrier and mix it with an American pitbull terrier in hopes that they will produce a blue coat colored pup. So, if you’re looking at a pitbull that has a massive body, cube-shaped head, and a heavy bone structure, you’re most likely looking at a pitbull that’s been forcefully mixed, or also known as American bullies. In other words, you can say that they’re just poorly bred pitbull terriers that may or may not have been forcefully bred.

“Blue Lust”

The term blue lust was fabricated over the past years due to the high demand of blue nose pitbulls. When breeding first began, it was never as exaggerated as it is now in today’s market. Always be on the lookout for breeders that have built up a dastardly reputation of breeding purely for color as opposed to health and temperament. These businesses should never be reasoned with no matter what cheap “blue nose pitbull puppies for sale” signs that they have. 

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