About Us

Iron King Kennels is one of America’s best known pitbull breeders,  with a reputation that spans the globe. We run a kennel in North Florida, located just outside of Gainseville and Ocala, where my wife and I have become experts at pitbull breeding.

These dogs aren’t our hobby, we have learned to truly love pitbulls. We are well known in the pitbull show scene, and we work with other top kennels in the United States. Some of our dogs have sired offspring that have gone to other countries, making the bloodlines from Iron King Kennels truly worldwide. We offer our XL pitbulls for sale to buyers across the United States.

Our Red and Bluenose pitbull puppies for sale have also helped to put dozens of kennels on the map as well. We work with top producers who share our passion for the technique of breeding high-quality animals. We take breeding extremely seriously, and have built our entire facility around caring for our dogs.

We do not identify with the so-called "Back yard breeder" movement that tends to produce dogs in low-quality condition. We want to meet our buyers and get to know them, only then can we help you find the dog you want. We are also Red Nose pitbull breeders who run a professional facility. Every one of our dogs has received vaccinations, and we pamper them like the kings and queens they are.  We pride ourselves on our ability to devote cuddle and play time to each puppy born in our kennels.

No other pitbull breeder will offer the same flexibility and care that Iron King Kennels can. We are truly dedicated to keeping and breeding our dogs, and we work around your schedule. We can furnish photos, videos and offer you the opportunity to visit the kennels for yourself. Before you purchase your next puppy, we know you’ll be blown away by the selection of Iron King Kennels.