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Board Meeting May 3, 2016

July 12, 2016

Board Meeting Musings by Delphine HerbertOn behalf of TIA President Peggy Hostetler, Hal McSwain, our vice president, presided at the May 3, 2016 monthly board meeting which took place at Feta. Briefly with us were Cindy Grimes and Jessica McCune. Also present were Larry Collins, Luke MoonOak, Ze'ev Harari and Scott Olsen. Mrs. McCune of the Ocala Storytelling Festival’s Stories for Peace  came to help us explore the possibility of using storytelling as a means to heal and expand interfaith objectives in our community, citing the work of Noa Baum and the Arbinger Institute in Arizona. She offered to return once we clarified our goals. Those remaining engaged in an exhilarating and wide-ranging discussion intended to elicit best practices for fostering and enhancing interfaith dialogue and the limitations imposed by various faith traditions that thwart such attempts. Luke MoonOak then proposed that the group embark on a communal project to produce public white papers detailing our...

TIA President Rabbi Jack Moline - PULSE

July 12, 2016

The Orlando Shooting Was a Hate Crime. Here’s Why That Matters. Jack Moline  President, Interfaith Alliance"I will be quite clear: to condemn these murders but continue to demonize or dehumanize people with differing sexual identities is to be complicit. Almost every religious tradition presumes the normalcy of heterosexuality. Those subsets of the faithful who insist that people who are not “normal” are children of a lesser God give permission to the hatred that produced Omar Mateen, in the same way that communities that demonize Jews, Muslims, Sikhs or blacks are co-conspirators in bigotry and racism."

Rabbi Jack Moline Interview with SHOWBIZ NATION LIVE!

January 19, 2016

SHOWBIZ NATION LIVE! Interview with RABBI JACK MOLINEInterfaith Alliance Executive Director RABBI JACK MOLINE discusses his spiritual road to becoming a Rabbi, working as adviser to friend Rahm Emanuel and insights to our current social-political environment.  For more information on the Interfaith Alliance visit Jack Moline is Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance. In a career spanning four decades, he has established himself as a powerful voice fighting for religious freedom for all Americans, regardless of their faith or belief system. As a rabbi, he has worked to create common ground between people of diverse religious and secular backgrounds. As an advocate, he has led efforts to secure services for this disabled, increase the supply of affordable housing, promote marriage equality, ensure pay equity and especially, protect civil rights for people of all faiths and sexual orientations.A native of Chicago, he holds the title of Rabbi Emeritus of...