Interfaith Alliance of Marion County, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

The Interfaith Alliance of 
Marion County, Florida

Our Mission:
One Community - Many Voices

We celebrate the diversity of paths within our community & join together to:
  • Promote compassion & civility.
  • Create opportunities for mutual respect & understanding.
  • Overcome barriers of fear, prejudice, hate & extremism.
Interfaith Alliance of Marion County is one of two affiliate chapters in the State of FL of the national Interfaith Alliance.  The mission of our chapter echoes that of TIA nationally in three (3) key focus areas:




Interfaith Alliance 2017 Walter Cronkite Awards

(04/06/2017) ​FROM THE DESK OF RABBI JACK MOLINEThese are trying times for advocates of genuine religious freedom and other core constitutional principles, but I'm feeling energized and inspired. On Tuesday night, Interfaith Alliance supporters and allies gathered in Washington to honor two very special Americans, legendary public radio host Diane Rehm and attorney and activist Khizr Khan.Rehm and Khan were each awarded the Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award, which Interfaith Alliance created in 1998 to recognize individuals who promote democratic values, defend religious freedom and reinvigorate informed civic participation. In their words and deeds, each has embodied the values represented by the Cronkite award.Don't worry if you weren't in the room with us. You can watch the 2017 Cronkite awards with Diane Rehm and Khizr Khan on Facebook.Gold Star father Khizr Khan, whose speech at last summer's Democratic National Convention dismantled stereotypes of Muslim Americans in front of an audience of millions, spoke about the importance of interfaith organizing. He said that "whenever there are members of Interfaith sitting with community, the morale of community is so high."Acclaimed journalist Diane Rehm addressed the crisis of confidence in the media, fueled by the rise of "fake news" and President Trump's attacks. "Every journalist must work harder to make sure that what we tell is the truth," she said, but news consumers must be "more thoughtful and discretionary as to how and where they receive their news."A critical theme from the evening was resolve. We will stick together – and fight together – to protect religious freedom for all Americans, with no exceptions.

Board Meeting May 3, 2016

(07/12/2016) Board Meeting Musings by Delphine HerbertOn behalf of TIA President Peggy Hostetler, Hal McSwain, our vice president, presided at the May 3, 2016 monthly board meeting which took place at Feta. Briefly with us were Cindy Grimes and Jessica McCune. Also present were Larry Collins, Luke MoonOak, Ze'ev Harari and Scott Olsen. Mrs. McCune of the Ocala Storytelling Festival’s  Stories for Peace  came to help us explore the possibility of using storytelling as a means to heal and expand interfaith objectives in our community, citing the work of Noa Baum and the Arbinger Institute in Arizona. She offered to return once we clarified our goals. Those remaining engaged in an exhilarating and wide-ranging discussion intended to elicit best practices for fostering and enhancing interfaith dialogue and the limitations imposed by various faith traditions that thwart such attempts. Luke MoonOak then proposed that the group embark on a communal project to produce public white papers detailing our stance on core issues...more to come...                    Noa Baum

TIA President Rabbi Jack Moline - PULSE

(07/12/2016) The Orlando Shooting Was a Hate Crime. Here’s Why That Matters. Jack Moline  President, Interfaith Alliance"I will be quite clear: to condemn these murders but continue to demonize or dehumanize people with differing sexual identities is to be complicit. Almost every religious tradition presumes the normalcy of heterosexuality. Those subsets of the faithful who insist that people who are not “normal” are children of a lesser God give permission to the hatred that produced Omar Mateen, in the same way that communities that demonize Jews, Muslims, Sikhs or blacks are co-conspirators in bigotry and racism."

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