Our Story

Our Story

The Dynamic Health Coaching Story

At Dynamic Health we are focused on optimizing your health and performance. We do this through specific scanning and protocols available around the world. What makes us unique is how we take a 3 step approach to create a 90 day program for you to follow. Each step shows us more about what is going on inside your body.

If you are focused on getting healthier and/or increasing your performance, our 3 step approach will get you to your goal.

"I see my doctor, is that enough?" At DHC, we want to educate you on the things your doctor/specialist doesn't have time to. Look at us as the middle man whose main interest is to educate you on how to take control of your health.

My journey began when my best friend got me into working out at the age of 20. It was a wrap after that and ever since then, my intuition, spirit, soul, or whatever you want to call it, told me I needed to take my path into the health and wellness field. As I followed this goal, several powerful tools came my way to help pave the way. One tool that was passed down by my father (Phil Hronec) is his intuition and passion for doing what he loves, as he has been in the horse industry for 56 years. My mom (Silvia Kraehenbuehl) moved both of us to Australia where she gave me the opportunity to meet Dr. Thomas Bige MD/ND. He is a genius in the medical world and became my mentor. Below I've shared his amazing story and I urge you to read it. Lastly, my most important tool is the lifestyle I live with my wife Dana (Bear). She continues to drive me to stay as healthy as I teach and this is very important, that people see I do what I teach. The phrase "do as I say and not what I do" isn't the example I want to lead with.

My burning desire is to make a significant impact in the health field by educating people on how to take care of their health. My vision is to create a chain of Dynamic Health Coaching centers. I want this to be available in fitness gyms, Crossfit boxes, and for Joe the plumber who decides he wants to get into the health field.

Dana and I

Dr. Thomas Bige & Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD