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Dynamic Consultation

The Process: "We take out the guessing game"

1 At Dynamic HC we don't guess what you need, we assess. Our system uses the latest technology to see what your body needs in order to be balanced.

2 Balance is the key to giving your body what it needs to thrive and prevent disease. Thanks to some very sophisticated equipment from Germany and Russia we get a look at over 800 micro-nutrients in your body.

3 With this information we can have a custom formulated pharmaceutical grade supplement made for what you're missing. We teamed up with Pinpoint Scans who created the only custom supplement available based on your Epigenetics. Imagine 1 supplement, 1 serving a day, to cover all your deficiencies...

4 The other services we offer are designed to fastrack your results so you can feel better, faster.

What is Epigenetics?