Health Consultations

Dynamic Health Consultation

Dynamic HC has inherited a system designed by Dr. Thomas Bige MD/ND. He has been utilizing this system around the world the last 18 years. The dynamic consultation uses 3 different modalities to educate you on what's going on inside your body. Each modality has its own method of testing but they are all used to cross reference each other. The dynamic consultation uses indian, eastern and western modalities get the best of all worlds. We have access to the latest technology which is designed to give us a snapshot of what's going on inside your body, all the way down to your cell health. With that said there is a overload of information which integrative health coach Fabien Hronec will educate you on, but more importantly guide you along the steps needed to balance your health. 

Do you have 1 or multiple symptoms you can't get a handle on?
Are you lost on what foods to eat?
Not satisfied with the answers your getting with your health?
Feel good and want to make sure it stays that way?
Need more performance out of your body?

Give us a call and see which consult program is best for you.