What should I eat?

Posted at 3:30 pm on 07/19/2017

Most of us have that inner kid who wants to chow down on chocolate every day! Of course we know that isn't the best option but that also brings up the question, "what should I be eating to best support my body?" This is a great question, unfortunately there is no simple answer because each persons health and environment varies. 
As part of your Dynamic Consultation we have equipment from a company called Cell-Wellbeing which has a scanner they call the S-Drive. It uses a lot of advanced and fancy science I won't bore you with, but I will attach some more information on it for those interested. 
We take 4-6 hairs out of the back of your head and scan the follicle of those hairs in the S-Drive, then send it off to the labs in Germany where a report is made and sent back to us without 20 minutes! This report shows what nutrients your body is missing and then recommends which foods to eat based on the nutrients considered. And like that you now have a shopping list of foods that will help balance you out.  NO TAKING BLOOD OR SCRAPING YOUR SKIN.

This CWB follicle report includes 30+ more pages and a 90 day program. After 90 days we re-test, we see where you improved and continue on for the next 90 days. 

Thank you,
Fabien Hronec 
Integrative Health Coach, CPT

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