8 Ways to Eliminate Bloating, Gas, Indigestion and Heartburn

Posted at 7:15 pm on 09/15/2017
Do you eat a meal and swell up?
Do certain foods give you a nasty acid re-flux?
Do you use antacids?
Do your fart and burp on a regular basis?

The main cause of these symptoms is usually poor digestion. I associate the stomach with a JACKHAMMER which breaks the food down so it can be absorbed in your small intestine. If your JACKHAMMER is weak you will not effectively break down your food which affects absorption in small intestine.
Imagine your small intestine is a long tube which is divided into 6 inch increments. Every 6 inches is dedicated to 1 specific nutrient. For argument sake lets say the first 6 inches is Vitamin C. That means that 6 inches is only dedicated to absorbing Vitamin C. Every dedicated 6 inches is repeated in the intestines so you have two chances to absorb what you need, it's pretty amazing. Again your absorption is only as effective as your jackhammer is. 

Long Term Solution: Improve your JACKHAMMER. Increase you Hydrochloric Stomach Acid so you can break down food and absorb it like your intended to. For this you need to set up a Dynamic Consultation so we can get a in-depth look at your system and what it is needing. 

Short Term Relief: Recommendations in no specific order
1. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar: 1 tbsp in 8oz of water. Drink first thing in the morning and after any main meal where you notice symptoms. Recommended through a straw for teeth and to avoid taste.
2. Probiotic: Choose a well balanced one. Fortifeye has a well formulated balance of probiotics. Each probiotic strand has a purpose so don't be fooled by the fancy labels which promise 10 trillion billion.
3. Chew: Chew your food more so that your Jackhammer doesn't have to do so much work! Not to be gross but i've done colon hydrotherapy and the technician told me I had whole pieces of lettuce coming out. Raw vegetables take the longest for our body to break down.
4. Cook your food: For a period of time only eat cooked food. Focus on stews, soups and crock pot meals where the food is easier to break down.
5. Digestive Enzymes: Fortifeye Enzyme is what I use. I bring them out to dinner with me and take one before a meal, this eliminates most gas and bloating. Cheat meals....perfect time for a couple digestive caps!
6. NO Ice Drinks: Drinking ice cold beverages with meals will take way from your digestion. 
7. Sit Down: Our bodies were designed to sit while we eat for optimal digestion. Moving while you eat means your body has to split its attention in two areas instead of focusing 100% on digesting.
8) MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Relax: Your digestive system(GUT) AKA your second brain will shut down in a stressful situation. That gut wrenching feeling you notice when something terrible happens is a perfect example of your second brain locking up.

These 8 steps won't necessarily solve the root of your problems but will give you relief. To find out the root cause of your discomfort book a Dynamic Consultation with Dynamic Health Coaching and we can create a long term solution to eliminate your symptoms.

p.s. Anti-Acids will cause more damage than good in the long term. They are designed to give temporary relief but this inhibits the body to fix the problem on its own. 

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