Athlete Training

Athlete Program: The NFL, NBA, MLB and Olympic organizations all have one thing in common, they invest in their athletes health. Professional athletes get access to the best equipment available for recovery and optimizing performance. 

Dynamic health offers athletes of all levels tools to optimize performance and recovery. The highest caliber professional athletes today have access to Hyperbaric Chamber, Hyperthermic therapy, and E.W.O.T as part of their programming. These tools are remarkable for recovery, injury turnaround, strength increase and more. In addition the Dynamic Consultation offers one of the most in depth snapshots of your current health you can find. This allows us to custom tailor a program to fit your needs instead of fitting your body into a generic program. As an athlete controlling your environment is the key to success. 

Our YOUTH ATHLETE PROGRAM focuses on developing the athlete's peak performance in a non-intimidating environment. We believe in positive feedback as a motivator. Fabien Hronec CPT/IHC has found success in this type of programming with his youth athletes and is proud to say the majority have moved on with scholarships to play college level. Once in college sports athletes are encouraged to come back during the summer to focus on recovery and weakness's discovered over their last season. We want to optimize the health and performance of our youth athletes before they move onto the next level. 

Dynamic Consultation: Athlete 90 Day Program