Stay Smart and Save at Holiday Inn Express!

Posted at 8:16 pm on 02/08/2015

They’re back! The wildly popular ads that propelled the Holiday Inn Express brand to superstar status have been hitting the airwaves once again. The catchy commercials that first aired in 1998 follows the familiar scene where ordinary folks suddenly finding themselves performing extraordinary accomplishments after staying at the Holiday Inn Express. When asked how they achieved such unbelievable feats, they simply reply“No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

Maybe it’s the budget-friendly rates and comfortable rooms, or the free hot breakfast, or perhaps the free high-speed internet… Whatever made those guests suddenly become super humans, we’d like you to know that results are not typical and we can’t guaranty anything other than your complete satisfaction.

To celebrate the comeback of the Holiday Inn Express Stay Smart campaign, we are now offering the Smart Saver Discount. By booking this special rate, you will be entitled to 5% to 15% discount at the Holiday Inn Express Ocala-Silver Springs. Stay Smart and book now!
Use this reservation link to avail of Smart Saver Discount (Some Restrictions Apply)

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