Swim With Manatees

These playful giants typically weight between 800-1,200 pounds as adults and can reach around 10 feet in length.  Manatees are peaceful and it can be an especially moving experience when when you interact with them up close.  If you want a unique vacation unlike any other, then this is it! Citrus County, Florida provides the only place in the world where you can legally swim with manatees (some rules apply).

Manatees enjoy shallow waters (between 3-7 feet deep) so swimming amongst them is a safe and enjoyable activity for the whole family. Additionally, manatees love Florida’s natural springs which are typically warmer in the winter than surface water.  They can be found in springs, rivers, and estuaries along Florida’s Gulf Coast.  To see stunning live video of these giant and inspiring creatures, click here.

If you wish to know more about planning a trip to swim with manatees, than you should contact a certified guide or tour agency in Citrus County. Several are listed below:\

Reel Burns Charters – Crystal
River, FL

Captain Mike’s Sunshine River Tours – Homosassa, FL

Crystal River Manatee Tour – Crystal River,

American Pro Dive – Crystal
River, FL

River Safaris – Homosassa, FL

For the ultimate manatee vacation, choose Captain Mike’s VIP Tour, which is the longest tour, 6 hours, and involves a ride on a deluxe houseboat.

To learn more about Florida manatees, click here. Photo courtesy of www.visitcitrus.com