Scalloping Season

Imagine yourself swimming in the warm, tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico…snorkel? Check. Mask? Check.  Fins?  Check.  The sunlight slices through the water reflecting off scattering schools of fish, beautiful sea grass and...60 fluorescent blue eyes?  Don’t be alarmed!  Those 60 bright baby blues could possibly lead you to your dinner later this evening.  Our delicious, edible bay scallops make a tasty meal not to mention all the fun you have while diving for them!   

Come stay with us at our beautiful Crystal River, Florida hotel and enjoy our hot, delicious breakfast before heading out to dive for dinner! Scallops are mollusks, but unlike most mollusks they can swim!  That’s right.  While you’re out there looking for them, you may notice one off of its grassy bed scooting around through the water.  Be careful where you grab…they do pinch!  Behind those 60 florescent blue eyes lies the adductor muscle.  This muscle allows the scallop to open and close. This muscle also provides us with a delicious, tasty meal! Don’t forget to look around while you’re down there diving for the tasty treats.  You may also see horseshoe crabs, an array of fish species, stingrays, sea urchins, starfish and on occasion…the playful porpoises and Florida manatees that love our warm gulf waters!  

Call us at our award-winning Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, Inverness-Lecanto, Florida today to book your room for Scalloping Season!  We are a mere 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s a fun, family-oriented excursion that will provide memories that will last a lifetime.