PURE Rooms for Allergy Relief - Lecanto Florida

Our PURE rooms are a step above when it comes to fresh, clean air. Unlike other hotel rooms, the PURE rooms provide peaceful assurance of a germ free, allergen free room with no harsh cleaning chemicals or other irritants that some guests may be sensitive to.  If you are one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies, this room type offers the perfect option for your stay.
The first thing that you notice as you enter the door to one of our allergy-friendly PURE rooms is the crisp, clean air surrounding you. This is because of special sanitized air filtration systems which continuously filter the air as well as killing viruses and bacteria.  All surfaces in these PURE guestrooms, including our PURE mattress and pillow covers, are treated in solution to reduce allergens, resist molds & spores, as well as dust mites.  Although all of our rooms are clean, those who are extra conscious of their health or sensitivity to irritants may benefit from the significant difference of staying, and sleeping comfortably, in a PURE room.

Unique features of our new PURE rooms include:
  • Sanitized A/C & heater unit cleaned with PURE Tea Tree Oil which inhibits microbe growth
  • Cleansed and sanitized linens and surfaces, to eliminate contaminants and allergens
  • “PureShield™ application on all surfaces, to inhibit growth of bacteria
  • Special air purification system which renders air quality four times cleaner than threshold for asthma patients
  • Hypo-allergenic pillow cases & mattress covers to eliminate dust & dander associated with bedding.