Florida Glass Bottom Boat Rentals

Posted at 11:40 am on 04/19/2016

Where are all my water lovers at? How would you like to captain your own glass bottom boat? WHAT? No captain. No operator. No tour guide. Just you and your guests on the beautiful Rainbow River. Florida Glass Bottom Boat Rentals will have you travel north on the river making sure you are away from tubers and allowing you to freely explore the waters in their 17 foot, eco-friendly boats.

Did you know that the Rainbow River is the fourth largest springhead in Florida? It’s also considered a magnitude 1 spring. This incredible river is approximately 5.7 miles long and ranges from 8-15 feet. However, in a few areas the river can be as deep as 20-26 feet. Wow! The Rainbow River outputs roughly 400 million gallons of water everyday though the 4 main vents it contains.

During your adventure, you may come in contact with many indigenous Florida species such as, turtles, otters, snakes, fish, raccoons, and alligators! Better bring a water proof camera to capture those amazing moments.

Now close your eyes… Just imagine you, your family and friends enjoying the incredible 72 degrees water. Now go rent your boat for the day!


Quick Information:

Cost of Rentals | $200 a day + $5.00 per person (includes taxes)

Seats up to 4 adults and 3 children (MAX)

You will have the boat from 9am- 5pm

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