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“Why Live With Pain and Stress When There May Be An Alternative”
Linda Gagnon
LMT, MA 10723
25 Years of Experience

Still haven’t found a licensed massage therapist to apply enough pressure in order to relax your tight muscles, to relieve your chronic tension, or to de-stress your mind and body? Healing Hands Therapy in New Port Richey, FL have the therapists you have been looking for. We utilizes proven techniques to relieve your tight, sore muscles, tension and stress by allowing the muscle and the mind to relax.


Massage helps chronic conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, low immunity, depression, and more. A therapeutic massage also relieves pain and swelling, and it releases serotonin and endorphins that combat stress. It can also boost the immune system by increasing white blood cells and natural killer T cellsimmune cells that attack viruses and other foreign pathogens.
There are many types to choose from, starting with Swedish massage, which is the most widely used method today. Also commonly practiced are techniques from the Far East as well as contemporary approaches. Sports massage, for example, concentrates on the toll athletic activities can take on the body, while deep tissue massage focuses on problem areas and delivers pressure deep within muscles to relieve chronic pain.
Using techniques like kneading, shaking, rocking, gliding, and friction, pressure is applied to specific points believed to stimulate the body’s energy flow. The same can be found in Japanese massage, where pressure points are held with a light touch. This releases energy blockages to restore the internal flow of energy throughout the body.

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Infant Massage

(12/31/1969) Baby Massage / Infant MassageWe can teach YOU how to Massage your baby.You will love to give this gift of massage to your child or as a gift for a baby Shower.See how your Baby loves to receive Baby massage!Whether it is held in your home or our Wellness Center your child will experience all the wonderful benefits of receiving nurturing, therapeutic touch from you or our trained, licenced therapists.Why Infant Massage?Infant massage is extremely beneficial to infants for several reasons.Research shows that massage nurtures babies’ psychological, physiological, and developmental growth. Infant massage can help foster healthy self-esteem and increase bonding between parents and their babies.Massage gives you a new and therapeutic wayto bond with your child.After your infant is brought home, sometimes it is hard to spend quality, nurturing time with your child due to all the changes and exhaustion that comes with being a new parent. Massage can allow you to spend some dedicated one-on-one time with your infant that will allow you to express all those feelings of love and affection.Massage may not turn your infant into a young Einstein, or help her become emotionally balanced adult, but it will help her slow down, relax, and pay attention to the world around her, which, in turn, will help her learn. Not a bad deal for something that feels so good!Some Other Benefits of Baby Massage:Reduces spasms in the colonExpels stuck gasRegulates and stimulates digestionEncourages and increases endorphin output to naturally reduce painReleases oxytocinReduces colicRelaxes and calmsAids in sleepEncourages PlayfulnessIncreases Body AwarenesLearn Infant / Baby Massage :45 -60 minute instruction for up to two caregivers plus babyBring a small blanket and 2 towelsWe will provide oilBe sure baby is pleasantly fed but not stuffedThis is appropriate for babies 2 months or olderTotal number of classes is four 

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