HDG Careers, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Hotel Development and Management Group

The guiding principles behind our HDG Hotels family is to consistently provide each guest with the greatest value for their dollar. We can only consistently provide this high level of value by leaders bringing a team of people together who:

  • Are positive
  • Are given the best opportunity to succeed with our business
  • Greeting our guests with a smile
  • Conscientious of each and every expense incurred by our hotels
  • Think of simple cost effective solutions to otherwise seemingly complex problems
  • Conscientious of each and every potential extra dollar our hotels can generate so that no one walks without a room key and each guest stays at the best rate possible
  • Believe in training and retraining and empowering our team so that each hotel is lead by a team rather than one single person
  • Have a high attention to detail so that our check lists, policies and procedures are consistently followed and clearly communicated
  • Are composed in otherwise challenging situations
  • Take ownership of each and every guest that walks through our doors
  • Understands that our ability to maintain our employment and stay in business is a product of consistently embracing our values every single day.

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