Win with MIParaCon Seven "Scavenger Hunt"!

Welcome to MIParaCon Seven's Vendor Hall
A Haunted Travel USA featured Event!
Here is your guide to winning prizes with their Scavenger Hunt!

Michigan ParaCon Seven is proud to offer a total engagement experience between it's Exhibit Hall attendees and its vendors! 

HOW IT'S DONE: Earn the Raffle Tickets by visiting the vendors listed below.  They have agreed to give you POINTS just by coming over and introducing yourself. Some will provide 1 points, others up to 10 points!  Every time you collect 30 points you win one chance to win a prize. So get busy and start collecting points and winning prizes!

Haunted Exploration Events  ~  6 Points
PRIZE:  Two Tickets to any Haunted Exploration Events held in 2016!  (Value: $100)
EMAIL: [email protected]       PHONE: (570) 328-4723
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Event Organization
DESCRIPTION: Bob Christopher and Ghost Detectives along with Dave Juliano and The GhostHunter Store have joined forces to create a bigger and better paranormal events hosting company, Haunted Explorations Events. Some of the locations include The Knickerbocker Hotel, Moundville State Penitentiary, Pennhurst Asylum, Rolling Hills Asylum, The David Stewart farm, and many more "

There's More!
Here are more featured Vendors (in Alpha Order) that have 
POINTS waiting for you!  
See their full descriptions & contact info below this list: 

30 Something Psychic  ~  4 pts
Author: Joni Mayhan  ~  3 pts
BattyAboutGhosts  ~  1 pt
Black Diamond Paranormal Society & Within The Chaos  ~  3 pts
Brooke's Nook  ~  2 pts
Charmed Crystals  ~  2 pts
Evolution Paranormal Research  ~  1 pt
Geeks & Ghosts  ~  2 pts
Gettysburg Paranormal Association - 2 pts
Ghost Hunters of the Southern Tier -  3 pts
Ghost SOS/Reactive Scents  ~  3 pts
Haunted Hinsdale House - 5 pts
Inspired Wampum LLC  ~  5 pts
Jersey Paranormal Investigations  -  1pt
Lucky Tiki Creations  ~  2 pts
Made by Pattie  ~  2 pts
Manchester Paranormal  ~  3 pts
Momentum Paranormal  ~  3 pts
My Old Catholic Catalog - 3 pts
Natures Earth Ware and Heirloom Haberdashery  ~  3 pts
Oddporium  -  5 pts
On Angel's Wings MM. LLC  ~  3 pts
Paranormal Rehab  ~  2 pts
Pennhurst Paranormal 2 pts
Pennsylvania Underground Paranormal Society  ~  6 pts
Psychic Medium  ~  8 pts
Random Mayhem Paranormal  ~  2 pts
Radical Body Works - 1pt
Sandy Macleod  ~  2 pts
Simply Cre8tive  ~  9 pts
Spooked TV -  4 pts
Steampunk Works - 2pts
St. Albans Sanitorium - 3pts
Tattooed Berks  ~  6 pts
The Ghost Seekers  ~  1 pts
The Kindred Fox  ~  3 pts
Twisted Paranormal Society  ~  2 pts
Urban Post  - 3 pts
Vortex Ghost Gear  ~  10 pts


30 Something Psychic
# of Points: 4
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 609-332-9036

Author: Joni Mayhan
# of Points: 3
HER BOOK: Ruin of Souls
EMAIL: [email protected]       PHONE: 774-272-0024
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Books and on-line classes

# of Points: 1
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 215-901-9291
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Investigations

Black Diamond Paranormal Society & Within The Chaos
# of Points: 3
EMIAL: [email protected] PHONE: 276-970-1456
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Investigations & Blogtalk Radio interviews

Brooke's Nook
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 917-538-0384
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Vintage Toys and Unique Gifts

Charmed Crystals
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 216-235-0367
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Gemstones, herbs 

Evolution Paranormal Research
# of Points: 1
EMAIL: [email protected]      PHONE: 609-519-1902
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Investigation

Geeks & Ghosts
# of Points: 2
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Video podcast

Gettysburg Paranormal Association
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected]   PHONE: 717-338-1818

Ghost Hunters of the Southern Tier
# of Points:  3
EMAIL:    PHONE: 607-331-1771
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Investigations and Unique Gifts

Ghost SOS/Reactive Scents
# of Points: 3
EMAIL: [email protected]     PHONE: 1-315-521-2674
PRODUCT AND SERVICE: Various paranormal protection medals and scents. 

Haunted Hinsdale House
# of Points:5
EMAIL: [email protected]     PHONE: 908-966-2861
PRODUCT AND SERVICE: Paranormal Investigations

Inspired Wampum LLC
# of Points: 5
EMAIL: [email protected]     PHONE: (570) 504-5668
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Native American Wampum Jewelry

Jersey Paranormal Investigations
# of Points:1
EMAIL: [email protected]     PHONE: 908-966-2861
PRODUCT AND SERVICE: Paranormal Investigation Group

Lucky Tiki Creations
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected]     PHONE: 215-962-7359

Made by Pattie
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected]       PHONE: 732-778-7368
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Handmade Bags and Accessories
Check out the Prize she is contributing at her booth.

Manchester Paranormal
# of Points: 3
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 443-375-8294
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Investigation team and ITC Researchers

Momentum Paranormal
# of Points:  3
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 716-946-5141
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Investigations

Natures Earth Ware and Heirloom Haberdashery
# of Points: 3
EMAIL: [email protected]    PHONE: 574-226-6837
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Steam Punk / Metaphysical jewelry & apparel

# of Points: 5
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 302-757-9544
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Oddity, Curiosity Shop, Metaphysical supplies 

On Angel's Wings MM. LLC
# of Points: 3
EMAIL: [email protected]   PHONE: 609-733-3699
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Metaphysical/Spiritual Supplies

Paranormal Rehab
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected]   PHONE: 484-686-9102
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Podcasting

Pennsylvania Underground Paranormal Society
# of Points: 6
EMAIL: [email protected]   PHONE: 610-597-3619
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Paranormal Research/Investigations of Historic Locations

Psychic Medium
# of Points: 8
WEBSITE: Spiritual Readings on Facebook
EMAIL: [email protected]     PHONE: 570-412-3002
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Psychic Readings

Radical Body Works
# of Points: 1

Random Mayhem Paranormal
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected]    PHONE: 610-823-2199
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Investigations and handmade products and tarot readings

Sandy Macleod
# of Points: 2
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 978-928-5498
PRODUCT/SERVICE: jewelry and gadgets

Simply Cre8tive
# of Points: 9
EMAIL: [email protected]    PHONE: (610) 350-8799
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Creative Marketing and Design Services

Spooked TV
# of Points: 4
EMAIL: [email protected]
PRODUCT/SERVICE:  Entertainment

St Albans Sanitorium
# of Points: 3
EMAIL: [email protected]   PHONE: 540-260-3111
PRODUCT/SERVICE: Haunted Site, Events