The Historic Fairfield Inn 1757 - Fairfield Pennsylvania

The Haunted and Historic Fairfield Inn 1757

The History

With origins dating to 1757, formally a stagecoach station, this location served as a Confederate Field Hospital during the War and was also a stop along the Underground Railroad!, Today, the Historic Fairfield Inn is one of America’s oldest, continuously operated Inns. Built nineteen years before the Declaration of Independence, The Fairfield Inn was originally the Mansion House of Squire Miller, an original founder of the town. In the 256 years that have passed, the Mansion House has seen many famous Americans such as Patrick Henry, Thaddeus Stevens, Generals Robert E. Lee & J.E.B. Stuart, Baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Plank and Mamie Eisenhower. When the Battle of Gettysburg was over, the Confederate Army retreated West through Fairfield, General Robert E. Lee and his officers rode right past the Inn. 

While visiting, take the Inn’s free History Tour which will transport you through time pointing out interesting sites such as where President & Mrs. Eisenhower enjoyed their dinners, you can see (or sleep) in the room General J.E.B. Stuart stayed in or where General Robert E. Lee ate, view the room where Statesman Patrick Henry (1736-99), famous for the quote: “Give me liberty or give me death” conducted meetings, as well as many other historically interesting sites and stories including the hidden Underground Railroad room. Travel back four centuries and Experience America…Then and Now!

The Haunting

The Historic Fairfield Inn was officially declared haunted by the Capital Ghost Forum, a Harrisburg-based paranormal investigation team who captured voices and images from centuries ago on their equipment while investigating the Inn. The Inn acted as a Civil War Hospital, Stagecoach Stop, Underground Railroad and Colonial Meeting House and has hosted many notable American such as Generals Robert E. Lee and J.E.B. Stuart, Statesman Patrick Henry and President & Mrs. Eisenhower to name a few. The Fairfield Inn in Fairfield PA is reportedly haunted by multiple ghosts including mischievous soldiers in the kitchen, an old man in the dining area, and a woman that opens doors on the third floor.Guests have reported hearing disembodied footsteps, many resembeling boots going up and down the halls and stairs. 


The Historic Fairfield Inn
15 West Main Street
Fairfield, PA 17320



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