Story Inn - Nashville Indiana

The Haunted Story Inn

The History
The Story Inn, Indiana's oldest country inn, offers 13 guest rooms and a restaurant. Their history roots strongly, within the town it sits in. The village of Story itself was founded in 1851, with the grant of a land patent from President Millard Fillmore to Dr. George Story. This original land patent is on display at the Story Inn. Dr. Story was a medical doctor who hailed from a clan of timber harvesters in southern Ohio. He and his progeny built many of the structures which distinguish this town today, from the then-ample supply of domestic hardwoods. His home and medical office nearby both managed to survive the forces of entropy. The town had two general stores, a schoolhouse, a slaughterhouse, a saw mill, a post office, a blacksmith forge and a nondenominational church. However, during the Great Depression people left to go somewhere else.

Story soon became the largest settlement in the area. In its heyday (1880-1929) the village supported two general stores, a nondenominational church, a one-room schoolhouse, a grain mill, a sawmill, a slaughterhouse, a blacksmith’s forge and a post office.

Construction seized after the Great Depression and no one has ever since attempted to modernize the assign structures of Story. The Story Inn was created by two hippies from Bloomington who also bought and reassembled the town. Rick Hofstetter is the current owner of the inn. For two decades he fought to preserve a lot of Indiana’s distinguishing landmarks. He almost always finds himself in the midst of battles to preserve remnants of the past so that they can still be enjoyed on the future.

Today, the entire town of Story is now a country inn/bed & breakfast offering fine dining, catering, and lodging. The second floor of the Old General Store (briefly a Studebaker buggy factory in the 1920’s) has been renovated into four quaint bed & breakfast accommodations

The Hauntings

When the current owner of the inn took over the business, he was a skeptic. One of the first things he noticed was the fact that most rooms had one guestbook each. He was surprised to find out that each guestbook are documentations of the guests’ stories of the paranormal. The room with the most documentations of paranormal activity was the one located just above the inn’s restaurant. The guest books have been left in the inn’s rooms for a long time that it has become a tradition. Once the books have reached maximum capacity they would then be placed in the attic and employees would then replace them with fresh, new books.

It is believed that if a blue light is placed in the "on" position in this room that the spirit will show up. However, there have been numerous instances in which this spirit simply appeared on her own, without the assistance of the supposed "summoning" light. People that have experienced this being state that she has eyes that are hypnotic blue, that she leaves behind items that are blue in color such as ribbons, and sometimes she appears to acknowledge the living and other times she tends to business within the room without acknowledging the living. Many individuals even claim to smell cherry tobacco - which is what many believe the "Blue Lady" smoked during her lifetime.

In the year of 2005, a paranormal group identified as "Hoosier Paranormal" gained an interest in the haunted places in Indiana and set up research at the Story Inn. This happened on the 27th day of December that year. The group gathered their evidence and established that there did, in fact, seem to be the ghost of the "Blue Lady" as well as another spirit that seemed to be a male. If you are in the area, and have an avid interest in haunted places in Indiana, the Story Inn is a wonderful place to visit

The Story Inn
6404 South State Road 135
Nashville, Indiana, 47448

Visit their WEBSITE

(812) 988-2273



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